Additional Consulting Services



Workloads can ebb and flow throughout the year, making it hard to justify hiring full-time in-house staff. Either you don’t have enough staff to sufficiently execute investigations or you are paying for too much manpower without enough work. Perhaps you have unique needs, but your staff doesn’t have the skillset.


Temporary Assistance

Pathway Forensics’ professionals can provide temporary assistance with the collection, analysis, and production of data for large projects within corporations or law firms. This is a great way to address unusual increases in workload without the ongoing overhead. We also can be your temporary workers when your employees are traveling for training or long-term projects.

In-House Staff

Our experienced examiners will work at your location to collect, process, and analyze your data as well as handle your in-house eDiscovery or computer forensic backlogs. Save money and only pay for manpower in your office when needed.

Third-Party Personnel

Our team is available to support sensitive internal investigations where outside, objective, and unbiased personnel are needed.


Chemical Company Outsources Ops Improvements

Utilizing external experts to optimize internal skillsets and processes


A global chemical company wanted to make improvements within their IT Security and Forensics department, specifically focusing on processes and procedures along with staff training. They decided hiring an outside expert would yield the best results.


Pathway Forensics was contracted to assist with forensic toolset selection and procurement, hardware recommendations, forensic lab processes and procedures, internal process development for new internal legal cases, documented workflows with training guides, and forensic training of the company’s full-time staff. During the process, Pathway also assisted with an internal investigation, collecting data from six custodians from one of the company’s locations in China and performing a routine, high-level investigation. When reviewing the data loss prevention logs, we discovered many alarming log entries that indicated data exfiltration of confidential, business-critical documents.


The internal team not only has the right tools, resources, and workflows in place, but by observing Pathway’s investigative process, they now have a better understanding of the types of red flags to look for in future investigations. Additionally, they consult Pathway regularly whenever questions arise, getting an immediate answer and continuing to expand their own expertise.


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