After-Hours Ransomware Infects All Network-Based Servers

Responding to Cyber Threats to Keep Business Running As Usual


A US-based industrial construction company experienced a severe after-hours network outage that crippled the entire business operations, including all email and computer network resources. The company’s internal IT department responded to the outage and quickly determined that all network-based servers had fallen victim to rapidly spreading ransomware, which also rendered the onsite backups inoperable.


The company employed Pathway Forensics engineers, who quickly responded to the attack, both physically onsite at the client’s offices and virtually through secure channels to a Security Operations Center. After immediately investigating and triaging the ransomware event, Pathway analysts and engineers went to work by first isolating the infected servers, then rerouting critical business applications and email traffic through an alternative secure network infrastructure.


The redirection of network and email traffic allowed the business to continue with primary operations while Pathway engineers restored the company data and rebuilt a much more resilient IT system and network infrastructure.

Services Employed
  • Incident response
    • Investigation
    • Remediation