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Cybersecurity should be part of every organization’s risk strategy. Bad actors know your information is valuable to you, and they will do everything possible to initiate a disruption and attempt to monetize your response. All businesses – including large, medium, small, and startup for-profits and non-profits – will benefit from a strong cybersecurity program.

Pathway Forensics’ dedicated team of cybersecurity experts will help your organization address vulnerabilities and ensure you can operate knowing you have identified and addressed your risk against disruptive and damaging cyber events through tailored, affordable solutions.


  • Cybersecurity/IT Risk Assessments
  • Vulnerability and Network Security Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cybersecurity Program Maturity Assessments and Reviews
  • Cybersecurity Insurance Consulting
  • Data Classification
  • Policy and Procedure Development


  • Managed Security Services (MSS)
  • Training 
  • CISO Advisory Services
  • Data Breach Response Tabletop Exercises
  • Business Process Security Assessments


  • Incident and Data Breach Response Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Data Resiliency
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Forensic Analysis

Cybersecurity Awareness

It is the perfect time to evaluate your cybersecurity posture and determine ways to improve.

Our Cybersecurity Threat Assessment helps you understand your cyber risks in just 10 minutes.

Identify Your Risk

Identifying your specific risks is the first stage in our holistic approach to protecting your company’s data and computer systems. We provide a range of services that can be performed individually or as a whole to ensure your systems stay online and maintain productivity, including our suite of IT Advisory services.

Cybersecurity/IT Risk Assessments

Using our experience and industry-accepted risk frameworks and best practices, we help you identify controls that are best suited for your specific environment.

Vulnerability and Network Security Assessments

Vulnerability and network security assessments identify where you’re most at risk and recommend how to organize your systems to ensure they’re secure.

Penetration Testing
Penetration testing is an ethical attempt to probe and breach your security systems to identify your vulnerabilities and provide additional protections where needed.

Cybersecurity Program Maturity Assessments and Reviews

Cybersecurity program maturity assessments and reviews are an objective, unbiased assessment of your entire cybersecurity program that includes self-assessments by your stakeholders and a comprehensive review by our experts. The resulting roadmap and action plan identify deficiencies and guide discussions about your priorities and how to optimize your cybersecurity program.

Cybersecurity Insurance Consulting

Part of the risk remediation responsibility facing organizations today is the evaluation of cybersecurity insurance. We provide you with an organized approach that simplifies the education process so you can decide for yourself if cybersecurity insurance is right for you, what type to purchase, how much to purchase, and introducing you to a trusted partner to act as your agent.

Data Classification

We help businesses develop a process of organizing data by relevant categories so you can better identify your highest value data and invest in the right level of protection.

Policy and Procedure Development

Policies and procedures are the foundation of any organization. We review existing policies and procedures to ensure they are still relevant and applicable, and work with you to determine if additional policies and/or procedures make sense for your situation.

Defend Against Threats

As a managed security services provider (MSSP), we use several methods to focus your company and employees around the importance of security. These are proven measures to actively engage your employees and company governances to prioritize daily behavior with cybersecurity in mind.

Managed Security Services (MSS)

We deploy company-wide protocols to identify and disable incoming cyber attacks as part of our managed security services (MSS). If you are losing data or a system is at risk of going down, we can respond immediately.


As internal mistakes are increasingly responsible for data breaches, ongoing employee training can save you millions of dollars in safeguarding against cyber attacks. We deploy ‘’fake-phishing’’ campaigns to learn if your employees are following your procedures, and we will identify which employees may need more help understanding how to identify these threats. We also can work with you to create customized handbooks and policies for your organization.

CISO Advisory Services

An experienced cybersecurity expert replicates the functions of an in-house chief information security officer (CISO) and is responsible for defining and enforcing your organization’s cybersecurity posture without the added overhead costs.

Data Breach Response Tabletop Exercises

A vital component of an organization’s data breach response is the data breach response tabletop exercise. We conduct a controlled exercise with scenarios that simulate an actual cyber incident to allow your team to exercise your plan and identify areas of success and areas in need of improvement.

Business Process Security Assessments

Bad actors look to take advantage of your trust in your leadership by infiltrating your network and impersonating your leadership team or other trusted partners via email. Our team will inspect all aspects of your email system to evaluate and assess the security posture of your email domain by reviewing DNS records, as well as email log and system configurations.

  • Supply Chain Fraud Review
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Email Account Compromise (EAC)
  • CEO Fraud
  • Email Spoofing Prevention Configuration

Respond to Cyber Incidents

Unfortunately, without proper security, some cyber attacks are successful. When that happens, our teams are ready to deploy to minimize damages to your company’s systems and maximize safe data recovery.

Incident and Data Breach Response Planning
As a proactive step, we will guide you through developing an organized and well-thought-out plan that is specific to your needs. Your plan should be updated and exercised regularly so you are ready if and when an incident or data breach occurs and can get back to business as usual quickly and confidently.
Disaster Recovery Planning and Data Resiliency
As you bring your IT systems back online after a disaster, it’s important to prioritize data security. We work with you to ensure data storage and security governance is built into your disaster recovery and data resiliency plan.
Business Continuity Planning
Planning and preparation ensures your organization has the capabilities and capacity to operate critical business functions through any emergency.
Forensic Analysis

In the event of a potential lawsuit, our expert staff of certified forensic examiners can collect, preserve, and analyze all digital evidence and artifacts to determine root cause. Our processes are documented with immaculate attention to detail to ensure your case and evidence is defensible in a court of law.

Learn More about Our Digital Forensics service.

What’s At Risk?

External Threats

Hackers aren’t just targeting corporate giants anymore. Now they are able to cause disruption in the middle market and at small businesses. Where huge companies may have millions to spend on cybersecurity, hackers have recognized that small- to mid-sized companies do not have the same budgetary luxury. How you protect yourself today can safeguard your company tomorrow.


Malicious software with one goal: harm your computer systems. These programs are introduced into your company without your knowledge and can have long-lasting negative effects on your computers, servers, and networks.


These programs spread through your computer networks, denying you access to your files and systems unless a ransom is paid, often in the tens of thousands of dollars. If a successful ransomware attack is deployed in your network, hackers effectively have complete control over your computer systems, servers, client lists, pricing details, and employee information. Can your company go days with no productivity?

Phishing Attacks

These are used to obtain sensitive information within your company, often with the goal of deploying malware or ransomware into your company systems or compromising user credentials.

Data Breaches

Data breaches involve an intentional or unintentional release of sensitive company data to unauthorized parties. This can range from client data and pricing, to blueprints of a highly specialized tool that provides you a competitive advantage in your market. With your pricing and product blueprints in the hands of your competitors, your market advantages may be short lived.


When your company information is compromised, you could be required to report a breach publicly. This not only tarnishes the reputation you’ve spent your life building, it also leads to very difficult conversations with current clients and potential prospects. Money spent safeguarding your systems now can prevent millions of dollars spent recovering data and a broken reputation.

Internal Threats

Cybersecurity threats also can come from inside your organization. Whether intentional or not, internal threats can expose your organization’s data.

The most common internal threats include:

Social Engineering
Though often considered an external threat, someone inside the organization “enables” social engineering to successfully manipulate or trick an individual into revealing confidential or otherwise protected information.
Data Sharing Outside the Organization
Sharing data publicly or via third parties, whether intentional or accidental, is still a careless act that can have disastrous effects.
Shadow IT
Use of unauthorized third-party software or services is extremely problematic to organizations simply because they are most often unaware of its presence. Without the knowledge of its use, the software or service cannot be properly vetted for weak or sub-standard security controls to protect organizational data.
Use of Unauthorized Devices
Devices that allow portable transfer of data (e.g., external hard drives or USB sticks) have been the bane of cybersecurity and IT teams since they have been in use. They are easy to lose or steal and even easier to use.


Unhappy employees might take whatever they can with them when they leave, including customer lists, software, or even intellectual property (IP). Disgruntled employees are not only leaving but are going scorched earth on their way out. Depending on their access, they will leave back doors open, delete software or logs, and cause as much trouble as possible.


Unintended internal cyber threats often are due to poor cybersecurity training for employees, lax access rules that allow employees to get a hold of information or systems they shouldn’t be allowed to, or a lack of proper cyber policies and procedures.


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