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Cyber threats are constantly evolving at a rapid pace and appear with regular frequency. The need for timely insights requires dedicated cybersecurity expertise to understand new cyber threats, how they affect you, and relevant solutions for combating those new threats.

One common misconception is that only organizations that need a full-time chief information security officer (CISO) would use CISO advisory services.

Another misconception is that CISO advisory services are merely a stop gap or emergency fill until a new permanent leader can be identified and brought in. This simply is not true.

CISO advisory services allow organizations of all sizes, types, and structures to stay on top of cyber threats on an as-needed basis.

What Are CISO Advisory Services?

CISO advisory services allow organizations to access the breadth and depth of cybersecurity professionals’ expertise and experience, but with a surgical scope – and at a cost-effective rate – for the objective or project.


What Are the Different Types of CISO Advisory Services?


Staff Augmentation

Your organization has prioritized cybersecurity and you have a program in place. Suddenly you find yourself with a vacancy in the program’s leadership.

CISO advisory services fill the vacancy until you find the right full-time hire, or you can engage us indefinitely if you no longer need to completely backfill the open position.

We help keep your cyber program running as-is or become a trusted partner to further enhance your cyber strategy for a longer period of time.

Example of when to use this approach can include:

  • Leadership Vacancy – Your CISO left the organization without giving you time to hire and train a replacement. Our CISO advisory services can step in seamlessly to ensure your initiatives continue as planned until you hire a full-time replacement.

Staff augmentation uses an hourly rate, but generally is billed per month, for example.



Man sitting at table using laptop You’ve identified specific cybersecurity initiatives and need help, based on conversations with your leadership team, to define the scope of what’s actually needed.

Our CISO advisors will define the scope of work, provide additional recommendations if needed, and serve as the point of contact for project execution.

This could be anything outside of the scope of day-to-day maintenance with an experienced leader in place to run your separate projects to completion, executing specific work for a specific amount of time.

Even if you have a CISO in place, they might not have the capacity to take on additional projects, yet your cybersecurity initiatives need to be executed concurrently. Our CISO advisory services allow you to run projects alongside your in-house CISO, helping achieve work concurrently.

Example of when to use this approach can include:

  • Policies and Procedures Development – Your organization needs to develop cybersecurity policies and procedures, but you need assistance to complete the initiative. Pathway’s CISO advisors can work with your key stakeholders to execute the work in a timely manner and empower your existing staff to maintain the new standards.

Project-based approaches can be fixed cost or metered.


Metered Approach

A metered approach works best when you need someone to be on call to execute work whenever you need it. With this approach, you can define the scope of work and our CISO advisory team performs that work.

You can specify if you’d prefer to front load the hours to complete the effort in one push or if you want the work to be completed over a specified period with small hourly segments per week or month.

Another option where our CISO advisory team can help your team make progress on your cyber initiatives is by front loading hours. In this setup, the CISO advisory team typically comes in after a predetermined time frame (e.g., one month, six months, etc.) to review progress and either make course corrections or initiate the next phase depending on the progress made.

Example of when to use this approach can include:

  • Cybersecurity Training – Your organization has decided they want to do cybersecurity training at a specific frequency and want a familiar face conducting the work. Our CISO advisory team would help determine what type of training is needed and ensure you get the results you need each time.

A metered approach bills per hour.


How Pathway Forensics Can Help

Our experts have experience both as in-house CISOs and as consultants working with organizations that need outside assistance, so we understand your circumstances, your needs, and the potential outcomes of the decisions you have to make.

An experienced member of our CISO advisory services team will meet with you to discuss your needs and develop a plan that outlines:

  • What the final product will look like
  • The number of hours expected to complete the effort
  • An expected timeline for completion
  • Ancillary topics that may be related to the initial effort and the impacts they may have on the work
  • How the initial scope of work fits into your overall cyber strategy or cybersecurity program
  • Ways our Briggs & Veselka IT Advisory Services team can provide additional support and optimization


Who We Help

Pathway experts can provide CISO advisory services for companies of all sizes, types, organizational structures, and industries. Often companies need CISO advisory services when they’ve had changes at the organization (people, processes, etc.) or are experiencing significant growth.

Whether you need a short-term solution or a long-term dedicated partner, Pathway can create a CISO advisory structure that suits your current needs and can evolve with you as those needs change.


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