Take the complimentary cybersecurity benchmarking survey for quick insights into your current program.

The cybersecurity landscape can be tough to navigate for organizations of all sizes. Bad actors are
constantly looking for new or more advanced ways to take advantage of unsuspecting businesses. And
companies might not know what those attack vectors are or where the vulnerabilities lie.

Another common issue organizations face is being able to justify budgeting for proactive cybersecurity
approaches, even though being reactionary tends to be much more expensive. How can you convince
leadership to invest in cybersecurity optimization opportunities without first knowing where you
currently stand?

For an easy way to determine your cybersecurity posture, take the free cybersecurity benchmarking

The 10-question survey can be completed in less than 10 minutes and helps you understand where
you’re adequately addressing key cybersecurity issues as well as opportunities for improvement. Upon
completion, you’ll receive complimentary cybersecurity tips and tricks, and have the ability to review
your results with a Pathway Forensics cybersecurity expert.

Be sure to share the survey with your main stakeholders for additional collaboration and insights.