Discounted Phishing Training

Cyber crime never takes a day off and always takes advantage of organizations during difficult times.

In an effort to help curb the current spike in phishing attacks against our nation’s business community, Pathway Forensics is offering a 20% discount on our phishing simulation and awareness training, now through April 30, 2020.


Simulated Email phishing attacks

Help your employees better recognize real threats that likely land in their inbox every day.

Phising awareness training

Online and interactive training provided as part of the package educates employees on how to spot malicious email messages and how to report the threat.

Customized executive-level reports

Detailed reporting shows metrics around both the successes and pain points that are found in your workforce.

Many real-world phishing campaigns have led to large-scale data breaches and devastating ransomware attacks.

With 94% of all malware being delivered through email (Version DBIR 2019), it has become increasingly important to focus on educating employees on how to better detect digital threats.

Reports that show the weaknesses in your organization help you quickly focus on what matters most and gives you a roadmap to enable a more robust digital security posture.


The best part is that the entire phishing simulation and awareness training service can be implemented and launched completely remote, which will not require any physical access to your place of business.