Using Penetration Testing to Identify Your Cyber Vulnerabilities

In today’s connected world, people want quick and easy access to their emails, apps, and other information, both personally and professionally. Sometimes this means circumventing more secure behaviors to get what’s needed, putting yourself at risk. And it’s not just individuals; companies also might not be aware of where they’re most vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


One way to tackle the issue at the corporate level is to conduct penetration tests. Penetration testing is an ethical attempt to infiltrate your company’s security systems, identify the vulnerabilities, and offer recommendations for additional protections as needed.


What Are the Different Types of Penetration Tests?

The various types of penetration tests are meant to identify different vulnerabilities before a cyber incident occurs. Here are some of the major types and how they can help your company.



A network penetration test is the process of identifying security vulnerabilities in applications and systems by intentionally using various malicious techniques to evaluate the network’s security, or lack of, responses. Often times this includes testing servers, routers, firewalls, passwords, etc. to mimic what an unauthorized user might be able to access and exploit.


Web Applications

Web application penetration testing involves a methodological series of steps aimed at gathering information about the target system, finding vulnerabilities or faults in them, researching for exploits that will succeed against those faults or vulnerabilities, and compromise the web application.



An internal penetration test is similar to a vulnerability assessment, however, it takes a scan one step further by attempting to exploit the vulnerabilities and determine what information is actually exposed.



An external penetration test researches and attempts to exploit vulnerabilities that could be performed by an external user without proper access and permissions.



Physical penetration testing simulates a real-world threat scenario where a malicious actor attempts to compromise a business’s physical barriers to gain access to infrastructure, buildings, systems, and employees.


All types of penetration tests should be conducted by certified experts who can:

  • Identify your areas of vulnerability
  • Understand the level of risk for each area
  • Prioritize and fix identified penetration points
  • Partner with you for ongoing testing, updates, and improvements


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