How Pathway Forensics approaches cybersecurity awareness and education and why it could work for you.

While COVID-19 has brought cyber-attacks – and phishing attempts, specifically – to the forefront of people’s minds, keeping your company’s data secure is a year-round priority. And your employees are a major part of this effort to protect your information.


Why Phishing Training for Employees?

Your employees likely can access company and personal emails, company networks, and sensitive data from inside and outside of the workplace, on both company-issued and personal devices. Now that people are working remotely – a trend that might continue as a “new normal” even after the safer-at-home mandates are lifted – your information could be even more susceptible to cyber-attacks anytime, anywhere.

If your employees can identify potentially harmful emails, they’re less likely to put themselves or your company at risk.


What Does Pathway Recommend?

Glad you asked! Pathway Forensics helps companies onboard phishing training for employees as a proactive step toward additional data protection. In order to make the best recommendations, we’ve done a ton of research and have implemented phishing training for our own employees, including our parent and sister companies.

Our preferred vendor – and the one we use at our firm – is KnowBe4, “the world’s most popular integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks,” according to their website.


What Does Phishing Training Include?

  • Train Your Employees – Pathway recommends starting with employee training using KnowBe4’s large library of security awareness training content. Their training materials were developed by a well-known hacker turned cybersecurity expert who understands what motivates hackers and how they operate. The program covers spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware, and ransomware.
  • Phish Your Employees – After your employees have gone through the initial cybersecurity awareness training, Pathway suggests putting this into practice by phishing your own employees. Through KnowBe4, you can conduct fully automated simulated phishing attacks using thousands of templates to test your employees’ new cybersecurity knowledge.
  • See the Results – What’s the point of testing if you can’t learn from your mistakes? With the KnowBe4 platform, you can see your employees’ most common mistakes that could put your company at risk as well as which employees or departments are struggling the most so you can do more targeted training.


How to Get Started

We will discuss your company’s specific needs and help you get started with a training program that works for you.

Call us at 713-401-3380 or email us at today to take advantage of this offer and ensure your employees are equipped with the tools and training to keep your company’s data secure.